How to Create Effective Autoresponder Messages

So, you’ve set yourself up with the autoresponder of your choice, you’ve created some compelling content to slap your opt-in form on, and now you’re getting leads. Now what? Once you start building your list, you also need to start building relationships with the people on your list. And the best way to do that is through effective autoresponder messages. This article will show you what (and what not) to do when creating your email series.

Autoresponder messages remedy the fact that people rarely buy a product or service upon first viewing it. Once they’ve been exposed to it a few times (7 seems to be the average number), they are more likely to take a closer look and make a purchase. These messages allow you to remind your target audience (your customers) that your product/service is still available and ready to benefit them in some way once it’s in their possession.

Here are a few steps to creating effective messages.

1) The All-Important Subject Line: If you think that your customers read all of your emails, you’re wrong. They are getting up to hundreds of emails each and every day. They will read the emails that benefit them in some way. . . and the others will go by the wayside. How do the distinguish the important emails from garbage? The subject line of course. Make sure that your subject line is compelling but not hypey. Ask a question to promote curiosity or tease with a secret that then forces them to open the email to see the rest. The to writing an effective subject line is to offer your readers what they want to hear (or read about). Do not use too many exclamation points or hype text. Also, do not overuse the firstname option of an auto-responder. The firstname option works if you are being conversational such as in this phrase “Hey Firstname, did you see the latest discounts at . . .? But the Firstname shouldn’t be used in sentence like this “Great Discounts at ABC Warehouse, Firstname!”

2) The Message: Ok, so you’ve passed the subject line test and your reader has opened your email. You now have a few seconds to keep him or her interested so get right to the point of explaining how you can help them. Again, try to keep your email conversational. . .”Hi, Firstname, I’ve been using this fantastic tool that grow my business and I wanted to share it with you.” Good “tricks” to use are to show how many other people are using the product and to compare the products price (low) to the product’s value (high). Other trigger words are easy, fast, free, risk-free, limited time offer.

3) The Close and Links. Make sure that you include a “call to action” in your email. You want to tell the reader what they need to do next. “Click on the link below now to order this product before we raise the price”.

Put these tips to use in your autoresponder messages to get your target market’s attention.

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